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TITAN Media Company Credo

TITANMen.com is the premier creator of All-Male Erotica. TITAN Media is committed to HIV education and prevention. We believe that it is our responsibility to make safer sex beautiful, affirming and inspiring.

TITAN is adamant that only adults wishing to view our content can do so. We believe that it is each parent's responsibility to monitor their children's access to the World Wide Web; even so, we are committed to assisting in identifying TITANMen.com as a place for adults only. We have implemented safeguards to keep minors out of our site and to keep minors from purchasing our products. We know that our adult verification requirements are time-consuming and sometimes irksome. To our thousands of customers: thank you for your patience as you go through our processes to make sure your are an adult and wish to view TITAN content in the privacy of your own home.